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17 April 2014

Flash Samsung Epic 4g Touch to Pageplus/Straight Talk Guide Featured

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Flash Samsung Epic 4g Touch to Pageplus/Straight Talk Guide




FLASH YOUR PHONE TO PAGE PLUS/STRAIGHT TALKDownload Terminal Emulator from store or use rom toolbox's emulator or pretty much any te and type "getprop ril.MSL" without quotes. Doing so will get your spc so you can read and write to phone. If u know your SPc then don't worry bout this. Then make sure to disable... YES DISABLE usb debugging.

Get your phone in diag mode by typing in ##8778#

To get it to work and pick up in QPST, I thought "all" could be selected but I was trying to help someone last night and I guess it has to be cp. 

here is a link on how to get into diag mode enabling cp

From windows start menu, open QPST Configurations
Click on the “Ports” tab and “Add a new port”
Select the “COMXX – USB\QC Diagnostic” and click ok(mine for example is com3), your port number will be different, if you see more than one it has been instructed to disconnect all your external devices such as external HDDs, phones, Bluetooth dongles, ect,@whatever blah blah. Therefore, you should know which one is your E4GT. If you still don't see a port uncheck the box for "Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic ports only" (doing just this is what i had to do) and add all of the USB/Unknown ports. Now if your phone is not showing a connection, you have a bad cable, or bad micro usb 2.0 port on your phone.
Click “Start Clients” on the top of the program and open Service programming or just exit out of it all and from start menu open ""Service Programming."

Now to continue 
If you already have a page plus account and you know your min and mdn than your good..... if u want u could go ahead and dial *22890 and activate your phone if u want.... but u will only have talk and text ( no MMS or data) if you do this all you have to do is pull the ha and aa keys from a donor phone ON VERIZON ONLY to get your mms and 3g working.

You have to pull the ha and aa keys using something like CDMA workshop or dfs....

If you are on el26 or el29 u can get APN backup and restore and use it to delete apns and mod them with Verizon settings.... if needed just gtalk me(if u pm me on here I'm not sure when I'll get back to u). If on ICS then u will needs hiapn global which has to be moved to be a system app then when u start it it'll say to make it a system app..... and u just have to be patient and maybe even restart your phone to get it to work... (yes its annoying but it does eventually work). I keep my vzw APN backed up cuz when I flash a ROM my MmSC URL always changes to sprint....

Now anyway..... after you plug up the epic 4g touch to the PC and gt it to connect to QPST write to phone the [COLOR="Lime"]THIS FILE HERE ----->http://

You will then need to input your MIN and MDN into that file where they belong and under the M.I.P. profiles tab input the HA and AAA keys in each profile with both enabled and HA and AAA keys are HEX values.... if you input "vzw" for HA and AAA values than you will have only 1x data, you will need a donor phone or someone to give you HA and AAA keys from a working vzw 3g device to gain 3g.
Your PP config password should be C51B8E78B7DC815CB83089F15EEA83A7

You will also need a PRL that is not Sprint PCS
In QPST, go to roam tab, open up one of these files and they will work for you this i s a whole folder with 3 PRLs

For obtaining functioning MMS
To get mms working you can go easy way download Go SMS Pro app and under settings, advanced, mmsc url, do a custom mmsc url and input this -->**********
(the stars being your cell number)

Another way is to download an app called HiAPNglobal, use a root explorer to move it to system app, let it install itself as a system app and reboot phone(this app is annoying) and then when open hit backup apns.... now navigate in file explorer to folder and read contents of apnbackuplist.xml and change the contents to the following
<apn carrier="Verizon" mcc="310" mnc="004" apn="internet" user="*" password="*" server="*" mmsc="" type="default,supl,mms" />

I also have a flashable zip here, confirmed only working on AOSP JB roms to fix both GPS and MMS

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Robert Ashton

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  • Flash HTC Rezound to Pageplus Guide

    Flash HTC Rezound to Pageplus Guide

    Flash-rezound-to-pageplusOk folks. If you are like me, you searched all over the web didnt find a definitive answer on how to go about getting your HTC rezound to Pageplus.

    I bought a used Rezound. It came with NO Verizon SIM card. No software updates to it. I read a lot, sounded like getting to the latest stock was a good idea as it usually fixes issues. Well, I promptly updated to the leaked global ICS rom. Go the rom from android police dated Aug 15.

    So my rezound had locked stock global ICS rom, no SIM card. Here is how i flashed it to pageplus. Please follow the steps as mentioned, as i have stumbled too many times and got it working.
    Not a must but...

    1. Dont upgrade your phone to ICS rom if you dont want to root your phone. As ICS blocks APN updates. Meaning if you need 3g on pageplus or any other carrier and you dont want to root your phone, dont upgrade. If you dont mind rooting your phone, you can just ignore this warning.

    MIN and MDN Information:
    You can get MIN and MDN by calling pageplus or follow steps below.

    right at the bottom you can enter email and phone number. You will get an email with MIN and MDN information.

    OS Requirement:

    Windows 7 64bit or 32bit. No support for Linux, Mac or XP(??).

    Software you will need:

    1. HTC Sync
    2. HTC Diag drivers. You can download from below.
    3. QPST.
    4. CDMA Workshop. You need the full version. Demo is not useful. There is an old 2.7 cracked version floating around in the web. That will do the job.

    Steps to follow:

    1. Install HTC Sync. This software will install HTC Sync and HTC Drivers. All you are looking for is HTC Drivers. So, as soon as installation is complete you can uninstall HTC Sync alone. They have seperate uninstallers.

    2. Install HTC Diag drivers. Now, i hope you have access to Windows 7. These drivers didnt install in XP for me. it could work for you. 
    This step is crucial, without these drivers installed you wont be able to do anything.
    i. Connect your phone to PC. 
    ii. Just leave it on charge mode. The HTC drivers you installed in previous step should recognize the phone.
    iii. Goto the dialer in phone. dial ##3424. press call. This should put the phone in DM mode.
    iv. Win 7 will try to find the drivers and fail. If you open the device manager (or short cut just run devmgmt.msc), you should see the 
    2 devices with no drivers. HTC DIAG and HTC DIAG 9K.
    v. double click on HTC Diag and click upgrade drivers. You need to manually upgrade the drivers.. This guide does a very good job. I dont want to repeat it. You can look at it if you are stuck. Just look at the driver installation part alone.

    vi. Just ignore the HTC Diag 9k for now.

    3. You have done a major step already. (I got stuck on step 2 for quiet sometime.). Install cdma workshop(CDMAWS). This software will trip anti-virus software(AV). So, just turn-off AV( or add CDMAWS in your AV's exclusion list). Apparently CDMAWS does use the virus technique to work but it is not malicious.
    i. connect the phone to PC and dial ##3424 for DM mode. Find out which COM port your phone is using to connect.
    ii. start CDMAWS. Select the COM port you phone uses. click connect. These should be in the topline of the GUI.
    iii. if you are connected. The status bar at the bottom of window should indicate it. If everything is fine, click read(it should be next to connect/disconnect button). If everything is working so far, lots of empty spaces will be populated with data.
    iv. switch to the Security tab. look for a spc button. enter "000000" in the text box above it(dont include quotes). This is the password for EPST. click spc -> spc send. you should see a pop-up saying phone unlocked. (if you are using this guide for Sprint phones, you need to obtain this password). Verizon just leaves it unlocked.
    v. goto 'other' tab. look for RU-IM. click on the drop-down box. Select "NV-only". This option will be present only in full version.
    vi. if you have not downloaded the attachment on this post, do it now. Now focus your attention on PRL box in the same tab as in step v.
    PRL stands for preferred raoming list. I have attached 2 prl files. For me the 51720-evdo.prl gave roaming sign. I used 52711.prl, it worked fine. Click on write and choose 52711.prl from you download directory. It should write, the information to your phone.
    vii. next switch to NAM tab. Enter the MIN you got from the email you got from kitty wireless (link is provided above). You can also get that info from pageplus by calling. MDN is nothing but your cell number. Enter that in dir or directory text box. click write.

    4. you are done with CDMAWS. you can reboot your phone. At this point, if you havent changed ESN with pageplus do so now. You can do ESN change through online chat at pageplus website. It is free.

    5. If you see roaming sign on your rezound, you need to use a different PRL. Roaming is indicated by a small triangle above the signal bars. start CDMAWS and select a different PRL file to write to your phone(steps 3(i) - 3(vi)). If everything is fine, from you rezound, call *22890 to program your phone. You can also use *22801 to program. if after a short pause it says unable to program your phone. It failed to program. Make sure you followed all the steps. If after a long pause it says unable to program. you have succeeded in getting the phone registered with pageplus. Now you should have your phone working for Voice and SMS/texting.

    6. Take a deep breath and pat yourself, you have achieved a major step. Now to program 3g part. As i said before, if you are having locked stock ICS rom, you wont be able to go further. ICS doesn't let changing APNs. GB is fine with changing APNs. I havent rooted my ICS. i am just happy with a working Voice and SMS for my needs. Wifi satisfies my need.

    7. Fire up QPST configuration.

    i. Click on "Add New Port..." Select the port your device is on. It should be same as in CDMAWS.
    ii. On the next screen highlight your device.
    iii. Click on "Start Clients--Service Programming"
    iv. Click 'Read From phone" When the prompt pops up click "OK"
    v. Now tab over to "M.IP"
    vi. In the drop down below that says simple ip+Mobi change that to "Simple IP"
    vii. Now double click on "Profile 2"
    viii.In the "NAI" section put your phone This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    ix. In the "tetheredNAI" section put your phone This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    x. For the IP Address put 255 all the way across for the last two sections and leave the 0's in the first section and Click OK
    xi. Now click on "PPP config"
    xii. Click "Um"
    xiii. In the box that says "User ID", Enter your phone This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    xiv. Click in the box that says "Tethered NAI", Enter your phone This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    xv. Click in the box that says "Password", Enter "vzw"
    xvi. Click the "AN" tab, User ID is your phone This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and Password is "vzw"
    xvii. Click "write to phone"

    8. Power your phone down then reboot it.

    9. i. Connect to wifi
    ii. Open market
    iii. Search for "APN Backup and Restore" and install. If you have GB, this will work on it own. Now if you have a rooted ICS, you can use Titanium Backup pro to run this system app. ICS allows system apps to modify APNs.
    iv. Open APN and click Backup APN's
    v. Now put your phone in "airplane mode"
    vi. Click "delete apn's"
    vii. Click "restore apn"
    viii. Select page plus apn from below
    ix. Disable Airplane Mode
    x. Reboot
    And thats it your fully flashed with MMS, Talk, Text, 3G

    Credit goes to lots of folks. Mainly to Nevell, techwerkz, folks at howard forums and scores of others who are not mentioned.

    Hope this helps a few folks.

    File Type: rarHTC Diag Drivers.rar - [Click for QR Code] (108.3 KB, 633 views)
    File Type: - [Click for QR Code] (3.2 KB, 414 views)
    File Type: - [Click for QR Code] (3.1 KB, 367 views)
  • Flash Samsung Galaxy SIII to Pageplus Quick Guide






    Here is a quick and simple guide for flashing the Samsung galaxy S3 to PagePlus.

    Put your Phone into USB Debugging Mode by going to Developer Options under your phones System Settings, and Choosing USB Debugging.
    After that is checked you can move on to the next section.

    load the appropriate drivers for your phone.

    First you'll want to put the phone in Diag Mode

    You do this by pressing ##3424# on the Sprint version.

    On the Verizon version you'll want to press *#22745927 then choose enable hidden menu. Then Dial *#7284# to get to the Qualacomm USB Settings.

    On the USB Settings screen you'll want to choose CDMA Modem, then hit the Qualacomm USB Settings button and choose RMNET+DM+MODEM, make not that your phone
    was originally on MTP or MTP+ADB.

    Next connection phone to CDMA workshop or DFS tool the choice is yours. You'll need to change the RUIM setting to NV only.

    3. If using 2.7 ur comport needs to be lower than 25, if not then dont worry about it, Connect to Diag port
    4. Send the SPC for VZW its 000000
    5. Go to the "Other" tab and Press Read under R-UIM
    6. Should be set to RUIM Only Change it to NV Only and press write
    7. Perform a full device reboot
    9. Connect back to the Diag port in CDMA WS
    10. Send the SPC for VZW its 000000
    11. Go to the "NAM" tab and Write ONLY ur MIN and MDN Usually they are the same for VZW

    Do this for both NAM1 and NAM2 by choosing the Dropdown Menu on the screen.

    Disconnect COM Port from software either by closing it all the way out or just disconnect it from the phone itself


    then Open up QPST and hit read from phone and enter SPC


    You want to enter the following settings in the MIP and PPP config,

    in M.IP settings for
    profile 0 the NAI is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    home address:
    primary ha address:
    secondary HA address:

    Profile 1
    NAI This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    home adress:
    primary ha address:
    secondary ha address:

    For Sprint Phones make sure this is same settings in profile 2 whether or not its active doesnt matter just make sure profile 2 also has this same info



    PPP Config
    Um settings:
    tethered nai: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    user ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    UM Settings

    Tethered NAI= This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    USER ID= This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    AN settings

    USER ID= This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Or if you Prefer Everything can be done easier in DFS Tool.. Just match everything up with the screenshots provided, change the phone number to your number!

  • Guide Flash Samsung Epic 4G Flash to Straight Talk Guide
    Instructions for flashing the Samsung Epic 4G (or similar Sprint Android phone) to Straight Talk (Verizon), with FULLY working talk/text/3G EVDO RevA data, AND MMS (No Sprint 4G obviously)
    (I don't think Visual voicemail or anything like that will work, but I use Google Voice anyway so I don't know.. regular old voicemail calling works though.)

    Disclaimer: I can't be held responsible for anything you do illegal or not, or anything you might break, you're reading and following this guide at your own risk, if you brick your phone etc, blah blah blah. If you get booted from Straight Talk or get the "air tank" software crap that *some* people are getting, don't look at me... etc etc etc
    Also, don't use excessive data over 2GB/month, you might get a warning or get booted

    Notes: Props to modman72 for this guide and, thanks to other random people off XDA, howard forums, etc. XDA has some great devs who make amazing ROMs, thank you!

    Speed test of my Epic on Straight Talk (Verizon's towers) over 3G Data... (and btw no I don't live in War WV or whatever the location says)

    Flash Samsung Epic 4G to StraightTalk

    What you need:
    Verizon phone, like the Samsung Fascinate (needed to get 3G EVDO RevA HA, AAA, and DMU10 keys) yeah it sucks you need a VZW phone, but Straight Talk does run off Verizon towers, borrow one from a friend or something -- if you only want talk/text, don't worry about this. The first time you over the air (OTA) activate on Straight Talk with your donor MEID, your keys will be programmed in the phone, you can only get them with a VZW phone the first time you OTA. Once you get the keys, you don't need the VZW phone any more, just the first time you activate, make sense? If your donor phone was already activated, you'll need a new donor.
    CDMA Straight Talk donor phone & service plan (phone model ends in C for CDMA), and a 30-day unlimited service plan. For example, you can get the LG 220C for $50 with a 30-day plan, makes the phone cost just $5 bucks

    NOTE: You only need the ST donor phone for the MEID, NEVER turn on the phone or even put the battery in it, never never ever, got it? Good

    Q: What other Verizon phones can I use?
    A: You should be able to use any Verizon 3G phone to extract the HA AAA and DMU10 keys IF you can do the following on your phone:

    1) Put phone in diagnostic mode and access it on your PC over COM port using DFS/Cdma WS/QPST/etc
    2) Unlock phone using current SPC and or 16 digit password if applicable
    3) Change SPC, MEID, and PRL on your phone
    4) ...should be it, as long as phone works and you can use it to program all those settings as well as read the settings back, and dial the *22890/*228 number to activate on Verizon/StraightTalk

    If you want to use a Verizon phone other than the Fascinate then you need to figure out how to do all the above for your specific phone, so search XDA, howard forums, etc. Obviously its not the same for each phone...

    Software needed:
    Samsung USB drivers for Samsung Epic - click manuals and downloads, then click software
    DFS - download from and register for Demo account at it shouldn't expire and a Demo account will work fine, just has a nag screen making you wait 60 seconds every time you run it. After you download & install make sure to enter your login that you registered.
    (You only need CDMA WS and QPST if you plan on doing 3G, again you need a VZW phone to get 3G on your Sprint one)

    CDMA Workshop 2.7 -- just google this, not gonna link to the pirated software, try the first result 
    QPST 2.7 build 348 or newer, just google this one too and find a download for it
    PRL and DFS settings: Contains the Straight Talk PRL for VZW/Sprint phones, and screenshots for how the DFS settings should look on a Sprint phone to get 3G working: MIRROR: check attachments at bottom of this post
    *Hack/dial codes Also useful, for reference. I have provided the 16 digit Epic password to unlock phone below though, and how to put in DIAG mode, etc...

    NOTE: Dial codes don't work on the Epic running ICS/JB/etc ROMs, so you will need a custom launcher that allows you to create an activity shortcut to the Diagnostic mode, DEBUG mode, etc etc. See my post here for info:

    Still reading so far, haven't given up yet? Let's continue...

    Flashing the fascinate:

    This is using DFS or newer

    If you don't have a VZW phone, and just want talk/text on your Sprint phone, just follow these steps and it will work. Make sure your SPC is 000000 on the phone though, if not, write it to the phone and save your old one!

    1) Factory reset VZW phone, after it reboots make sure everything including activation is erased (factory reset may not be completely necessary, but I did it, and it worked this way, so, yeah)

    2) Make sure you know how to bypass VZW activation screen so you can access the phone's menu settings and everything without a problem, even while it's not activated. (Or if you're phone doesn't require you to bypass anything, you're set) -- If you're using the Samsung Fascinate, bypass activation by clicking emergency call and dialing *#83786633

    3) Go ahead and put your VZW phone in DIAG mode or whatever it's called per your phone, so you can access it over DFS/CDMA WS/ETC. For the Samsung Fascinate, you do this by dialing **33284 entering in the SPC as 6 zero's (000000) and set the phone to Dialup Networking Mode

    4) Open DFS and connect to your VZW phone's COM port, if you don't know the COM port # look in Device Manger under your computer under Ports (COM & LPT) (if you haven't already, you were supposed to connect your phone over USB to your PC, then the COM port for the phone will appear on your PC)

    4) Enter your SPC in DFS to unlock, and hit the send button next to the text box. Make sure the SPC is 000000 (6 zeros) so it can activate without any problems. Logging at the bottom should say phone unlocked after sending unlock code. Also, if your phone has one, send the 16 digit password for your VZW phone, to unlock changing the MEID. The samsung fascinate 16 digit pass is 2010031619780721

    5) Changing the MEID... In DFS, go under the Programming tab, then the General tab, go ahead and enter the DEC for your ST MEID, and hit write MEID (Make sure to save your old VZW MEID if you want)

    6) After you hit write, hit read, and make sure the MEID stuck. If you want to double check the MEID saved, which you probably should, at the top right of DFS hit the Reset button to reset your phone, then read the MEID again to make sure the ST MEID you wrote stuck.

    7) Still connected to your phone in DFS, click the NAM tab, and under PRL click the load button, and select the Straight Talk PRL file. In the text box under enabled it should say 51765 which is the PRL number for ST. After it says this, hit write. If you want to confirm it wrote successfully, hit read, or reset the phone, and hit read again and make sure. 

    8) Now your VZW phone should have the ST MEID and the ST PRL (which tells the phone to connect to ST/VZW's phone towers), if it doesn't don't proceed and troubleshoot what's wrong.

    9) If you've made it this far, go ahead and add your Straight Talk MEID on their website so you can activate the phone, or call them and tell them to add it. You could do this step first, but I listed it as step 9 so you can make sure the PRL and MEID get set on your VZW phone first.

    10) After you hangup with Straight Talk or added the MEID online to your account, on your VZW phone go ahead and dial *22890, *22891, or *22800 one of those should work and it should activate your phone. Usually the first number works fine, but just in case. You can also go ahead and update to the latest PRL after activating, for the PRL you dial *22891 and it should update your roaming list, it might prompt you to press 1 to do this. Once you have the latest PRL you can copy it back to your computer, and then over to your Samsung Epic later on...

    11) During the OTA activation the VZW phone will pull all the settings, and if this is the first time the donor MEID has been activated it will be able to pull the HA AAA and DMU10 keys needed for 3G EVDO RevA

    12) If everything went successfully, everything will work on the VZW Phone. Talk/Text/Data/MMS and you will be able to copy the keys to a sprint phone!

    Phew, congrats, you're half way done. Okay, now you have your VZW phone working on ST with everything, now we're going to port everything over to the Samsung Epic 4G (or similar Sprint Android phone):

    This is assuming you have DFS, QPST 2.7 Build 348 or newer, and CDMA workshop 2.7 or newer

    This is from VZW phone on ST with working talk/text/working 3G/etc, don't connect Sprint phone yet

    1) Open QPST Configuration, add your port to your phone, then under Start Clients click EFS Explorer

    2) Look for a folder on the phone called "DMU", open the folder and copy the dmu.10 key to your desktop or somewhere close by

    3) Close QPST and EFS explorer, then open DFS and connect to phone

    4) Navigate to the Programming tab, then Mobile IP. Click on the bullet for the top profile and it should read the profile

    5) Now you will see the HA and AAA keys for 3G EVDO RevA, copy those keys to a text file, labeling them like HA=(your ha key) and AAA=(your aaa key) so you don't get them mixed up. You can go ahead and copy your username too, should be your 10 digit phone number at vzw3g, ex   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    6) Close DFS... Open CDMA workshop

    7) Save the NAM settings to a file from CDMA workshop, this is so you don't have to OTA your Sprint phone. Open CDMA WS, under NAM hit read, then save to a file. If you can't read the NAM, try putting phone in unlock mode first, use Security tab, type 6 zeros into the box, and hit SPC and send.

    8) Power off VZW phone and remove battery, you can factory erase if you want, or leave it for now incase you need to refer to it later. Whatever you do, DO NOT have a Sprint phone and VZW phone both powered on with the same MEID as your donor ST phone, don't be stupid!!!

    9) Power on sprint phone, and set the ST MEID and ST PRL on it, and also make sure the SPC is 6 zeros just in case, backup your old SPC if needed. To put the Epic in diag mode, go to the dialer and type ##8778# ( if you're under ICS/JB/etc dial codes don't work, so look at my post here ) and under USB, make sure the Modem bullet is checked, not PDA. When changing the MEID on your Epic, make sure to enter in the 16 digit Epic pass to unlock phone, the password is 01F2030F5F678FF9 and you can also write the SPC and change it to 6 0's after you enter this pass. Under Programming and general you can write your SPC, or use CDMA WS to write the SPC, just make sure you unlock phone first with 16 digit pass

    10) Use CDMA workshop to write the NAM file you copied from the VZW phone (so you don't have to OTA again). If it doesn't write, unlock the phone first from the security tab, click the 2nd bullet for password, and copy the 16 digit Epic pass in and hit send.

    11) Open QPST again, click EFS Explorer, and copy the dmu.10 key over, if the DMU folder doesn't exist then create it and copy the key into the folder. By default most (or all?) Sprint phones won't have the DMU folder, so you will have to create it. * The filename should be "10.key" and in the DMU folder *

    12) Too much to write.. see attached screenshots in the ST_FLASH zip for DFS settings, it is attached to the thread and also linked above... Make sure all the settings match what's in the pictures. Obviously fill in "YourPhone#" with the phone # you have on ST, no dashes or anything, just the 10 digit number. Once it is correct, write the settings. Before you make any changes, just in case, might want to backup/screen shot your current Sprint settings for your phone just in case you mess up anything or ever need to go back...

    13) If you write the settings, and then read them, and the vzw passwords, or the AAA or HA key is blank, don't worry, as long as you write it correctly it's fine. I can't view mine either on my phone, just make sure everything is right

    14) After you saved everything, reboot phone, turn data on and you should be good. If you have problems do ##DEBUG## or ##33284# in the dialer and enter your SPC and make sure the AAA key is Passing by clicking EVDO Enginnering and checking AN-AAA. As long as AAA passes it means you're good and are authenticating, and should get an IP Address right below it.

    Also, if the Sprint activation app keeps coming up on your phone saying you need to activate, just cancel it and use a root file manager and rename/disable "SprintAndroidExtension.apk", it is in the system/app folder...

    Getting MMS to work on the Epic 

    Not sure exactly how I ended up getting mine working, for awhile it had been working off and on. If you're on ICS you can try this thread entitled MMS Fix for Epics on Alternative Carriers

    What I did recently to get MMS to work, thanks to a suggestion from slickrichierich, is the following: (and so far so good, it hasn't stopped working)

    1. Goto your phone dialer. Dial ##DATA# or Dial ##3282# (same thing)
    2. Click Edit. and enter your spc/msl password (should be 6 zero's 000000)
    3. Click on Others, and goto MMSC URL
    4. After you select the MMSC Tab put in the following.
    5. Phone Number
    6. exit and test your picture messages

    1. Example

    If that doesn't work, dunno what to tell you, other than mine is working.  .....

    Removing Sprint RTSP and HTTPD proxies 
    I had to do this to get apps and sites working like YouTube, GrooveShark, Pandora, etc..

    1. Goto your phone dialer. Dial ##DATA# or Dial ##3282# (same thing)
    2. Click Edit. and enter your spc/msl password (should be 6 zero's 000000)
    3. Click on Others, and goto Multimedia
    4. Click on each one and erase all the text in all 4 values. After you erase each hit OK, and it should change the value to <Not set>
    5. If you ever need restore them back, write them down, or here they are: 554 8085

    Annnndd that about wraps it up. Please try to read through everything to see if your questions might be answered already in the guide. Goodluck, and don't use excess data over 2GB/month, especially if you tether!! 

    Old post...

    Originally Posted by justan00b View Post
    Thinking about posting a guide for flashing the Samsung Epic (or similar Sprint Android phone) to Walmart's Straight Talk service (CDMA using VZW), just wanted to give back what I could contribute to XDA.. sucks there is no info about this besides douches and spammers on ebay charging ridiculous amounts of $$ to flash this. Since this exists, am I allowed to post a guide similar?

    And for some people saying blah blah ST sucks, or they'll disconnect you, "air tank" prepaid crap will get you kicked off, use boost mobile, etc -- this is just a use at your own risk guide. 

    I flashed my own Epic and it's worked great for almost 3 months, 3G and everything, only MMS doesn't work, just sayin...

    thanks for the feedback

    File Type: - [Click for QR Code] (314.6 KB, 819 views)


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