19 April 2014

Guide Flash LG Intuition to Pageplus with Data and MMS Working Tutorial Featured

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Easy to Follow Flash the LG INtuition to pageplus with data and MMS Working





LG Drivers:
LG VS950 Support: Find Manuals & Warranty Info | LG USA

QPST: Tool Downloads (MMS, Proxy Enablers, Flashing, Drivers, etc)
CDMA Tool. DFS software. www.cdmatool.com


Install LG drivers.
Enable USB debugging by going to settings > developer options > USB debugging.

Plug USB cable in.
Go to the drop down notification bar. You should see an entry for the USB options. Select it and choose Internet connection (Modem). Sometimes you will need to reselect this even though it was the last thing you chose.

Drivers should install and you should see two ports on the computer's device manager.

You will be using the Serial Port one.


Run CDMA Tool.

Select ports in the upper left corner. You should see the Serial Port you desire. Double click it and it should appear below. Double click that.
Below the ports you will see SPC. Hit the blue arrow. If you monitor the log, you will see that it is now unlocked.
Go to the programming tab. We'll start with the general sub tab. In config, change it to NV_Only and hit write.

Attachment 3537

Next move to the nam tab. Hit read. Here you want to enter your MIN twice, and then MDN (phone number) twice. I've changed my number here and given an example. If you have your SID, enter that in the appropriate box as well. I write the PRL last because that almost always disables further editing until a reboot. I wait until I've made all my changes and start writing these tabs backwards, so just press on.

Attachment 3538

Go to the data tab. Hit read. Here is what is probably restricting me to 1x. Not all of these fields are writing. I think the main problem is with the passwords. I've highlighted my changes. Username This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and password is vzw. Note the status of the check marks.

Move on to the mobile IP tab. Hit read. Note the changes in yellow again. I start here on sending the changes. Write current profile and then write. Then go back through the tabs hitting write. Lastly send a Page Plus PRL (Verizon). Watch the log and if it looks like you've lost the connection, you will most likely have to reset the phone and reconnect. Finish writing where you left off.

If you can get some kind of over the air programming code to work let me know. Also, it will probably try to activate your SIM until you get data. This seems to happen always. Hit emergency dialer and then home to get off the activation screen.

Read more: http://www.cricketusers.com/page-plus-cellular/37692-page-plus-full-flash-verizon-lg-intuition-phablet-tutorial-talk-text-mms-internet.html#ixzz2QwMaUBcq

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